Coordinated Human Services Transportation Planning

Human Service Transportation includes services that are designed to meet the needs of people with limited mobility. In Southwest Utah, a combination of public transportation, para-transit services, senior center transportation, and agency-operated transportation services work to provide these services. Coordination of these entities allows them to more effectively deliver transportation services to those in need.

The Five County Regional Mobility Council, comprised of transportation and human service providers, work together to best meet the needs of seniors, people with disabilities, and low income individuals throughout the region. Click here for a complete list of Council members.



Connect communities through shared resources and coordinated transportation


Address transportation through communication, coordination, and cooperation.

1. Communicate with stakeholders within the five county region

2. Coordinate and leverage resources to maximize transportation efficiencies

3. Cooperate to create public and private partnerships

Bylaws and Resolutions

Mobility Management

Five County Association of Governments Staff works with the Regional Mobility Council to administer the mobility management program. Mobility Management is an innovative approach for managing and delivering coordinated transportation services and includes coordination of transportation resources by both the delivery of services and dissemination of information to people using the services. The Southwest Utah Coordinated Human Service Public Transportation Plan details the strategies for the mobility manager to increase access and mobility to individuals in the Region. For questions about coordinated human service transportation or the mobility management program, contact:

Jay Aguilar

Mobility Manager

435-673-3548 ext. 117