Coordinated Human Service Transportation Planning Initiatives and Programs

The Coordinated Human Service Transportation Planning Committee and Mobility Management staff work with human service transportation providers and other partners to improve transportation options for mobility-impaired, senior and low income persons throughout the five county region.  The Committee and Staff work with various public and private partners to make the following initiatives and programs available:

  • Vanpool Resources: to help employees and employers set up vanpools that have a variety of benefits, including reduced commute costs, decreased parking demand, and improved air quality. For more information, click here.
  • Google Maps: provides Transit Information for area Transportation Agencies, including CATS, SunTran, St George Shuttle and Aztec Shuttle. With this app, people can get discrete directions from point A to point B using transit, integrating stop locations, routes, schedules, and transfers. Try the app to get directions using the bus in St George, Cedar and beyond at
  • Travel Training Program: which provides free training to use the SunTran bus in St George. For more information click here or fill out an application.
  • Bus Shelter Work Group to fund and build bus shelters for SunTran and CATS (Senior and Disabled persons are especially at risk in extreme climates). 
  • Travel Voucher: working with the Five County Community Action Partnership to provide a flexible travel voucher program that provides bus passes and gas vouchers to low income individuals, seniors, and persons with disabilities. For more information about this program, contact Clint Cottam, Community Action Program Director at (435) 674-5757 ext. 102.
  • Other Transportation Resources: to help meet the needs in communities throughout the five county region.